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Welcome to KO|KANE

Ko|Kane is the brand emerged out of deep-rooted passion and versatile experience in the field of fashion, entertainment and cosmetics/beauty. As name point- we are bold, edgy, intense and gives a new kick to traditional way of branding.

As web based presence and business ideas growing each day so is the need of fast paced and out of the box thinkers who can keep vision of branding flowing through veins, keeping business on its toes towards achieving new targets each day.

Gone are the days when your business can keep up with the pace just by maintaining its presence. Today, it’s a demand of time to have that different edge by thinking non-sense and make sense out of it. We can provide your brand a sensible high by keeping other non-sense at the side. With today’s new generation of buyers and thinkers 1+1 is not always 2. Keep thinking:)


We don’t like to do cookie cutter designs but believe in customizing it as per client’s need so they can stand out in this competitive market.


Stage 1

This is where we discover you and define our mission. During this phase we explore inner working of your business. We closely work with client’s team in each phase to ensure overall understanding of business and demographic.

Stage 2

Here we align our visions and goals. We begin to strategize and work towards getting your audience addicted to you.

Stage 3
Let’s Be Practical

During this phase we bring our experts to execute on aligned visions and goals.

Stage 4

In this phase we join the pieces together and craft the perfect marketing mix for your brand.From here on we are with you to watch that you are growing the way you should.

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Feeling Fall

Fall is around the corner and it’s the season of Blues, Glitter, Burgundy, Purples and Reds. Recently Hourglass launched * Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshadows*,  and the feel & texture is to die for. So beautifully milled and have this wet look on the eyes and when paired with blue nail paint, Elizabeth & James Nirvana white ( floral) or Amethyst ( warm & spicy) fragrance, it’s a beautiful transitional combination into the colder weather.

Thinking of Re-Branding

Thinking of Re-branding? Its important to ask the following questions so you can stay true to your brand, right customer take notice, and its powerful enough to have an impact.


Visual platforms have dominated the social media space for few years now and have created a shift. The domination of YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram has made social media an increasingly visual platform over the past couple of years.

4 reasons why PASSION is important

* Your passion must come from the things that fuel you from the inside*: Randy Pausch

U Are Your Personal Brand

I am the best candidate for this topic as for years I downplayed my skills and strengths thinking that I might come across as arrogant. I was confused between being humble and taking aggressive approach to sell my skills. Learned it a hard way that we are our own brand.

Why Branding is Important?

Why branding is important? We all know that, whether you sell cosmetic or an application, branding is the most important element for your business. More important question is, why is it important? So lets look at some reasons

Competitive Edge Through Design & Packaging

Competitive edge through Design & Packaging I might sound superficial but I firmly believe in good packaging. I am most likely to pick a product with great packaging than a product with mediocre one.