Jul 01, 2018


Personal brand blog by ko-kane

I am the best candidate for this topic as for years I downplayed my skills and strengths thinking that I might come across as arrogant. I was confused between being humble and taking aggressive approach to sell my skills. Learned it a hard way that we are our own brand.

So what is a Personal brand?

Personal brand is YOU and you don’t have to create one, you simply enhance and share it with the world. It has become very difficult to differentiate oneself from the competitor in this world. So what sells is your own personal image and what you think of yourself. We all are special and have special skills which no other one has, so having a personal brand distinguishes you from the competitor and gives a personality to your profile and/or social media accounts.

As we are on the topic of social media accounts , its not uncommon for people to create their brand without even realizing. You have the power to create a desirable image and target the audience you are seeking. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting to showcase something you aren’t but its about showcasing the real YOU in such a way that its appealing to others.

Lets dive in briefly about HOW. With the rise of social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, it has gotten easier as an individual can utilize various outlets and hon in on area of their specialization. Creating your own content is the best way to engage the audience because Its YOU and there is no one like you..remember?

Few things to remember:

♥Personal branding is not only beneficial to an individual but to a company also. It teaches an individual to stay true to oneself and up to date on an area of their specialization.
♥It helps in growth of personal network, which is a great way to grow in your career.
♥Its about reflecting the best personal package which is desired and valued by the interested party (company/customer).
♥Branding is about creating a positive relationship between a brand and its audience, so its about you creating a Personal Brand which is desired by everyone.

We hope this post was useful and love to hear your thoughts.

KK – Team


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