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About Us

Branding is what we live and Breathe. Whether it’s launching a new brand or
rejuvenating the established one, we create WOW!! every time…Creating
bold, modern and profound designs is what we have been doing since last
3+ years. We believe in a collaborative approach where client thoughts and
vision sit at the core and we create whole experience around it.

Ko|Kane is a creative studio offering custom-made exceptionally professional
services in brand strategy, design, website design & development, UI/UX and
full-stack development to bring brilliant digital ideas for our clients. We are
Bold, Edgy and Modern with our designs and gives a new kick to the
traditional way of design ideas. As the web-based presence and business
ideas growing each day so is the need for fast-paced and out of the box
thinkers who can keep a vision of branding flowing through veins, keeping
business on its toes towards achieving new targets each day.

Gone are the days when your business can keep up with the pace just by maintaining its presence. Today, time demands to have that different edge by thinking unexpected and make it remarkable. We can provide your brand with a sensible high by keeping other nonsense at the side. With today’s new generation of thinkers, 1+1 is not always 2. Keep thinking…

The brands we create cannot be overlooked…



We don’t like to create cookie-cutter designs but believe in customizing things so they can stand out in this competitive market. We believe in taking our clients with us on a creative journey, rather than pushing them to accept whatever we create. For us, no idea is absolute unless we see smiles on the client’s face, no matter what it takes.

Some of our clients

Why Ko|Kane, a creative hub?

  • Full service, full-stack From idea to implementation, our complete product development approach is highly intuitive and seamless as we have mature processes to follow.
  • Smart, intuitive user experiencesWe have a highly specialized team to design and develop user friendly UI/UX to bridge the gap between design and engineering.
  • Advanced Technology We use highly advanced technology for the development of web and mobile applications. We have expertise in some of the open-source web development technologies of the future.
  • CustomizationWe believe in client satisfaction and for that, we keep away from cookie-cutter design and approach. We produce unique designs by keeping in mind the client’s requirements.
  • Clients SatisfactionWe have a big repetitive turnaround from our existing client base because we provide personalized service to our clients irrespective of project size.
  • Our Pricing modelWe provide highly competitive pricing and terms compared to our competitors without compromising on quality.


Ko-Kane has been a great company to work with. Swati and her team is often early on delivering products and completing jobs. They have gone the extra mile, many times, by providing detailed instructions on how to load and use flyers, videos, etc. She has done a great job in listening to how I want finished products to look and delivered what was described. Ko-Kane has become an integral part of our marketing and promotions. I would highly recommend their services to any company looking to create or maintain an impactful market presence.

Bulldog Packaging Inc. – Vice President

The archive is finally a reality!! My heartfelt THANKS to your team for your contributions to make this work come alive. The archive is beautiful and the pain and sweat that went into delivering this baby, shows. I am overwhelmed with joy and would like to convey my gratitude for the hard work, professionalism and dedication. You adopted our project as yours and I can never forget how my satisfaction remained your objective throughout this journey.

We will continue to come back to you for suggestions and advice as and when we decide to grow this project.

GST Organization

We had discussions with more than 10 branding companies before we finalized Ko|Kane as our branding partner. Nothing clicked to match our vision and out of the box thought process. When we got introduced to Ko|Kane and they shared their ideas we immediately realized the connection in our vision. Now since Ko|Kane is our branding partner, they always exceed our expectations in every brainstorming session. New ideas, positive energy and sense of accommodating client’s requirement, this is what I can describe Ko|Kane is. Being an owner of a startup company I think this is by far one of the best decisions I made, selecting Ko|Kane as our partner.

Xiom Healthcare – Founder/CEO

Ko|Kane has been extremely easy to work with. They are organized, proactive and responsive and have delivered above and beyond our expectations.

MirusLabs – Founder/CEO