Apr 21, 2018


design & packaging by ko-kane

I might sound superficial but I firmly believe in good packaging. I am most likely to pick a product with great packaging than a product with mediocre one. Throughout my career I have noticed that especially small businesses tend to undervalue professional design work. I understand that small businesses run on limited resources and they want the best, but not always willing to pay for professional services. Business owners should know that a good well thought design can make their business stand out from the competition.

Good solid design provides branding consistency across all channels. In this competitive world sometimes finding a differentiator is difficult but creativity can help businesses set a solid tone in their industry. Customers tend to connect visually and that means conversion. Let me expand on what i mean by conversion. Design is just not about making things look beautiful but its also about compelling the customer to take an action. A well crafted website or a brochure or a flyer can entice a customer to buy your product or services.

Its better to spend for good professional design services in the beginning than go through series of failed attempts. Good quality design has longitivtiy and it connects at many levels with your customers.

*Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.* – Steve Jobs

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